Advanced Cloud Telephony Solutions

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Xeryus IPBX

Xeryus IP-PBX is our Asterisk-based IP-PBX solution which we have encapsulated in a robust, intuitive, multilingual management GUI. It allows enterprises to employ converged data and voice networks, and to deliver Internet access and VoIP or traditional voice communications using a single line to each user. Xeryus IP-PBX provides enterprises with flexibility as they grow, while reducing long-term operation and maintenance costs. 

Xeryus IPBX - IP Switch

This high-performance IP switch is integrated with the best tools using a user-friendly interface. The applications help you to efficiently improve and update your network to keep your employees, customers and partners communicating with ease. The integrated tool set includes:

  • Unified messaging
  • Bridge
  • Virtual fax
  • Pricing and prepaid
  • Reports and statistics
  • Graphic management application
  • Monitoring and control panel
  • CLASS5 services

Xeryus ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

This contact center application ensures incoming calls are routed to the right resource within your organization. Its sophisticated feature set includes:

  • Call distribution through selectable policies
  • Agent control and productivity
  • XML connectors to integrate with other systems (e.g., CRM and ERP)
  • Screen pop-up and call recording
  • Live supervision and intrusion
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Graphic management application
  • Interactive voice response
  • Predictive dialing
  • Users profiles
  • Monitoring and control panel
  • Local and remote IP agents

Xeryus 066 (Emergency Response)

This contact center application is specifically designed for the public security sector; it supports responding to emergency calls, distributing incoming calls in a structured and planned way. Xeryus 066 is integrated with industry-leading solutions for PS-CRM, maps, surveillance videos and call record. Features include:

  • False alarm reduction
  • Call recording and registration
  • Report generation

Xeryus VRS (Voice Recording System)

This professional, high-demand system offers a set of world-class features to facilitate recording and reproducing all the calls within your organization.  Features include:

  • Support for almost any switch
  • Ability to record radio conversations
  • Live call monitoring from any PC on the network
  • Advanced search options
  • Detailed call reports
  • Quality control

Xeryus IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

This system automatically answers phone calls in a structured and planed way, allowing the caller to select options using the telephone dial pad. It can also dynamically process transactions based on user selections, such as:

  • Balance checks
  • Shipment status
  • Information requests
  • Service requests

Xeryus Voice Recognizing

Through the integration of the award-winning LumenVox® Voice Recognizing Motor, the Xeryus IP-PBX system handles calls with an interactive menu using caller voice responses.

More Information

Download User Guide Xeryus 5.25 (Spanish)

Download User Guide Xeryus 5.3 (English)

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Omnifon is a set of advanced cloud telephony applications developed by TXM. These applications can be customized to support the strategic needs of your organization with the latest in telephony solutions delivered simply, flexibly and cost-effectively.



The system automatically dials a list of numbers and plays pre-recorded messages that are based on your business objectives, such as bill collection, appointment reminders, alerts, and promotions. You simply upload the list of phone numbers and the appropriate message and the system will make the calls.


Internet visitors can request a call from your organization simply by pressing a button on your website or any other HTML-enabled location, including email, video, flash animation or blog. It enables users to immediately connect with you while their question or purchase request is top of mind, improving customer satisfaction.


This system automates your survey process by automatically placing calls, playing a pre-recorded list of questions and allowing respondents to reply using their keypad or voice. An additional benefit is the results are available in real-time.


Ideal for media companies that want to have a real-time interaction with their audience, the system allows for feedback or contest responses using the telephone keypad or through SMS. Results are available in real-time.


Call Center

TXM can establish a hosted contact center for your organization in just a few hours, with all the functionality required, including:

  • Automatic call distribution
  • Agent registration
  • Call queues
  • Ring strategies/policies
  • IVR system
  • Call recording
  • Black/white list
  • Call center reports
  • Live monitoring

TXM handles all technical issues, system maintenance and optimization, allowing you to focus on your business.

IP Switch

Enjoy the benefits of the most advanced IP telephony features available today without all of the complications. No more CapEx investments, updates or expensive maintenance. Create your own private network and connect geographically dispersed branch offices for more control and cost savings.


Save time and resources for your sales or customer support teams while improving customer satisfaction by implementing an IVR solution. Calls can be greeted with pre-recorded messages, information gathered about callers’ needs, customer support provided without speaking directly to an agent, calls prioritized based on value, and calls efficiently routed to the right department or agent. 



An easy, efficient and cost-effective way to have conference calls with multiple participants that enables you to save time and money.

Virtual Receptionist

Impress your clients with a more professional image of your business.  This service answers all your calls and routs them according to your business processes. Does not require you to purchase or maintain a switch, telephone lines or even to hire a receptionist. This solution is ideal for consultants or independent professionals.

Business Phone System

Let TXM design and deliver a Fortune 500-grade phone system for you in a matter of days, providing your organization with an advanced communications system needed to fulfill its business objectives.

You can manage your system through a user-friendly web admin panel to configure features such as follow me, presence status, corporate and personal directory, do not disturb, black listing, calls history, and much more!        

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