Access the Full Benefits of the Cloud

Moving infrastructure and services to the cloud can provide your organization with significant advantages. You can purchase the exact resource you need – rather than overprovisioning – and immediately add capacity as required, saving time and expense. Hosted infrastructure requires no real-estate or maintenance, further reducing costs. New services can be deployed almost instantaneously, without lengthy deployment cycles. Information stored in the cloud can be accessed almost anywhere and easily shared with customers, partners and colleagues and can be backed up more efficiently.

TXM can help you access the full benefits of the cloud; our team of engineers has experience developing a wide range of cloud-based solutions, including telephony, storage, infrastructure, and integration. 


  • Cloud Business Phone Systems
  • Cloud Contact Center
  • Telephony Automation


  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Storage
  • Workgroup and Sync
  • Storage Gateways


  • Computing Capacity
  • Data Center Space
  • Connectivity


  • Cloud Migration
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery Planning


Cloud Application Development

Our 10 years of work with clients gives us comprehensive solutions experience that we bring to bear when developing, deploying and maintaining any telecom software applications. Our flexible, dynamic engagement model employs proven processes, methodologies, and metrics that ensure our customers receive solutions that achieve their business objectives, on time and on budget.

TXM can deliver cloud applications for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and human capital management, hosted on industry leading platforms such as’s and Amazon AWS. 

Custom Software Application Development and Maintenance Services3.3.1

Our engineers are equally proficient in open source and proprietary environments. Our software design experience ranges from Java   to C#, VB, Perl, and C++, running on Linux, Solaris or Windows, together with data infrastructure from the principal vendors. We have created mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Built for Today and Tomorrow

To ensure your investments continue to deliver high-quality services over the long term, we provide complete application lifecycle management to handle changing requirements as your network evolves, as well as 24/7 support to ensure any contingencies are handled as quickly as possible.

Our delivery centers in Mexico provide near-shore advantages both in terms of response time and in cost throughout the Americas.