Configuration Change Management

will help you Manage your Assets


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Do you have a Configuration Management or Change Management Tool that can fully manage the risks, costs and impacts of adjustments and changes to your IT infrastructure?

In TXM, backed by the solid tool supaCMDB and trained professionals, we will help to optimize the management of IT services in your business through the Configuration Management Service, which allows you to monitor the IT assets of your organization, from software, hardware, licenses, purchases and contracts.


Get a Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) for your business:

  • Instantly access all important information of your IT assets such as brand, serial number, MAC address, IP address, security, leases and more
  • Facilitate the lifecycle management of IT assets
  • Control the use of software licenses
  • Upgrade to planning changes and assessing their risk and impact
  • Comply with best practices proposed for ITIL to obtain ISO/IEC 20000


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